What is Avior Protocol Solution and why do we need it?

The advent of Decentralized Finance (DeFi) has now given us open and permissionless financial services solutions and has led to explosive growth in the supply of derivatives and synthetic asset exchanges. As an investor with a passion for trading, our vision for a synthetic exchange is one where we can invest/get out of the risks of any asset class without settlement delays or friction. However, when we traded on existing synthetic exchanges, we found them to be slow, incredibly difficult to use, burdened with high transaction costs, and just plain unattractive to trade. That is why we decided to create the best synthetic asset exchange which will help to resolve the below problems.

The problem after buying a liquid coin/token is how to use it in real life. Many listed companies have their own virtual plastic card, but not all of them support third countries. Basically, if you buy cryptocurrencies on any CEX that also offers plastic or virtual card, but you are cannot use their plastic/virtual card in your country.

You will need to send a request to another 3rd party company (eg ADVcash) that offers plastic cards in your country, but you need an additional account and send crypto to the 3rd party, convert to USD or another currency… with this process, you lose money and time. There is no single application that can provide all these features.

For example, providing: Passive Income, Loan(lending/barrow), Yield Farming, NFT, Mobile Application, Virtual and Plastic Cards with no limits.

For each type of benefit, users need to move from one Dex or Cex to another.

Thus, we decided to create an Avior Protocol platform where users get all the benefits from one platform and use crypto in real life with no limits.



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Avior Protocol

Avior Protocol

Avior Protocol is high powered multi-chain protocol with a permission-less money market for lending, borrowing, and short-selling crypto.